For Promotions and Retail
The Original Colour Changing Mug

Wowmugs's - The innovative award winning new product to promote your company and advertise your product. Wowmugs's - The innovative award winning new product to promote your company and/or product.

Just add hot water and watch
your design come alive!

There is only one word to
describe the effect: 


company promotion, product announcemnet, advertising, award winning product

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The WoWMug™ is the award winning colour changing mug to promote and advertise or promote your product. The entire outer surface of the mug, excluding the handle and the base, and to within 10mm of the handle can be printed with an image of your choice that is revealed when hot water is added and the colour of the mug changes revealing the image underneath - thanks to the patented WoWMug™ process.
Because of its unique and eye-catching transition from black, whilst revealing the hidden image underneath, the WoWMug's™ is the ideal product for:-
  • Advertising
  • Product Promotion
  • Promotion Campaigns
  • Free Promotional Gifts for Retailers
  • Company Promotions and Gifts
  • Company Logos
  • New Product Announcement
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Retail Outlet Sales
  • Team Achievement Recognition
  • Company Initiative Promotion
Nothing quite matches the eye-catching WOW effect of WoWMug's™. As hot water is added the mug changes colour revealing the image underneath. The appearing image could contain details of your product or company, a promotion campaign or even a team that has won an award or achieved a major milestone. People are naturally drawn by the magical effect and the resultant interest could be all that is needed to bring your product to the attention of the right person at the right time.
WoWMug's™ are printed by dye sublimation; the image is first printed using special inks onto a carrier paper and then transferred by a heat process to the ceramic surface. Under heat the inks vapourise and permanently dye the mug surface giving strong vibrant colours.

WoWMug's™ have the greatest impact when printed in full colour by the four colour process. WoWMug's™ can also be overprinted in spot colours; this screen print is permanently visible at all temperatures.

WoWMug's™ is a registered Trade Mark.

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